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Dorchester County SC GIS Services are for Internal and “General” Public Use, not for commercial applications or large scale data extract.
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Map Services

General MAP Search: OWNER, LOCATION, and Land condition with Aerial Photos.

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Delinquent Tax MAP Search and information for TAX SALE held on October 31st and Nov 1st 2022  

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District Services

Dorchester County Reapportionment Map with Side bar  

Dorchester County Reapportionment Viewer  

Dorchester County SC Voting Precincts with side bar Display  

Dorchester County SC Voting Precincts and All Districts  

Location Services

Mosquito Abatment Zone Locator Service  

Convenience Site Locations / Solid Waste Transfer  

Rural Broadband Project  

Dorchester Berkeley County Line Adjustment  

Data Services

Detailed value information - Assessors's REAL PROPERTY / MOBILE HOME SEARCH  

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